College Housing and Residence Life for Education Systems

CHARLES© is a housing system for higher education institutions. It is a complete database interface package containing all the tables, functions, tracking and reporting capabilities needed to manage your institution's residence hall programs.

Built upon the client-server model, CHARLES© allows you to interact with your students in the modern age; providing your institution with the ability to distribute and collect information over the web through the use of web forms and information pages,

CHARLES© also contains powerful logic to help you manage both large and small housing systems, by matching roommates, automatically assigning groups of students based upon your own definitions and criteria, tracking housing contracts and generating charges and credits to interract with your institution's billing systems.

And CHARLES© is able to do all of this through the utilization of a very easy-to-learn, comfortable and user-friendly graphical interface that runs on your desktop PC - whether it is a Macintosh or a Windows based computer.

For more information, please visit the CHARLES© website (or click on the little green house with the RDS logo).

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Roundog Software - Point of Sale

Have you been looking for a point-of-sale system for your small (or large) business but can't seem to find one that runs on your Macintosh or Windows-based PC without spending thousands of dollars? We may have the thing for you.

RDS/POS© is a program developed specifically for small businesses with limited resources. It provides a comprehensive, easy to use interface to bring your store out of the dark ages of paper receipts and spreadsheets. RDS/POS© contains all of the logic you need to input and track inventory, prices, tax rates and customers, while giving your store a modern, professional look.

RDS/POS© runs on Macintosh and Windows systems and utilizes whatever database you choose. Pick from a list of MySql, PostgreSql, Frontbase, OpenBase, Oracle, SqlLite or opt for the built-in option. Your data can be accessed over the web or from your local PC. If you expand, RDS/POS© expands with you. As a multi-user system, you simply add another computer workstation to your group, point it to your database and you're done.

Future enhancements include tying the database to your eCommerce site and controling all of your web inventory directly through the RDS/POS© client.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a slick, modern and efficient small retail establishment. Watch your business grow by using RDS/POS©.